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LGBT Health Awareness Week

March 27th through the 31st is LGBT Health Awareness Week. The LGBT Community has some unique health challenges ahead of it and in our efforts to care for our patients and for the LGBT community as a whole Rosedale Medical is proud to offer free STD testing.

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Education is a major component to reducing your odds of contracting an infectious disease. We have gathered several education videos that have produced multiple professionals in the medical field. Please take a moment to review the videos to gain a clear understanding of what an infectious disease is and their treatment. Please be aware that some videos contain adult situations.

PrEP - HIV prevention

What is an Infectious Disease?

What is an STI?

HIV and Your Body

Stop the Virus

HIV 101

HIV and Drug Abuse (Warning)

What is HEP C?

HIV/HEP C Co-Infection

Understanding Prep

HIV Treatment and Stigma